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Junior Walks 250 Miles to raise Money For The Congolese Youth

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Our Social Media coordinator Junior Masandi wowed thousands as he set himself a goal to walk from London to Middlesbrough in order to raise money.

Photo: Junior Masandi Revive Congo Social Media Coordinator.

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"My passion lies in being part of a change in my motherland and that's what drives me to raise awareness and challenge myself in order to bring change in the lives of the Youth in Congo". Junior Masandi - Revive Congo Social Media Coordinator

Prior to getting involved with Revive Congo, Junior fell in love with the collective passion and drive to make a change in Congo. Even more so, he completely believed in Revive Congo's model and plans to foster the leaders of tomorrow in the Congo as well as in the UK.

Revive Congo is currently fundraising to send a group of girls and boys to school this year & develop a programme in Congo to give our next generation the skills so they can become entrepreneurs, employable and take on Congo. Given that Congo is known as one of the most dangerous places to be a woman (previously the worst) and having had child soldiers and stricken with poverty we know that we cannot reach our mission/goals alone. We are proud to join hands and collaborate with fellow charities to safely develop these young girls into the women of tomorrow.

So for Junior's effort in making this happen, he walked 250 miles (London to Middlesbrough) last October. The walk began from London's King Cross and ended in Middlesbrough Town Centre. He actively blogged, did live videoing, shared his journey and aim was to walk on average 40 miles a day!

Junior's 2019 plans

Amongst other projects, Junior will also put on a fundraiser show in January 2019 and sing! as the headliner himself. He has in fact already spoken to a singing teacher who will work with him on this.

Junior will appreciate anything you can support Revive Congo with.

Thank you for the support! .

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